How We Work

How We Work

If you're happy with your business performance, don't want to explore additional business and lead streams or if growing your business isn't something you are interested in, then Kartech Solutions is not the company for you.

We are a company in Pune that focuses on working with businesses who want to grow and are motivated to do so. If this sounds like you, then contact us and we'll be happy to talk more.

Development methodology we follow:

1. Requirement Engineering:
The very first thing we do while incepting the project is Requirement Engineering which includes summarizing the objectives, stakeholders, assumptions, and recommendations associated with the project in detail. It takes into account the scope and purpose of project, business assumptions and constraints and risk factors involved.

2. Prototyping
Initiation of any project at Kartech involves a prototype development. It includes development of precise wireframes by analysing and inferring different points from the communication, reference and derivation made. The prototyping job done at Kartech ensures great precisions and a high-quality end-result in and around diverse product outcome perspectives.

3. System Architecture and Designing
Once prototyping is done we enter into Project Elaboration phase. In this stage we emphasize on System Architecture building and designing, which is one of the most imperative dimensions of development. At this stage we viably place all the characteristics of an architecture building together and support them with well-planned and well-monitored system. The major tasks involved in this stage are Project Monitoring, Risk Management, Design Planning and Test Planning.

4. Core Development
This is the part of the process that brings all efforts evident through production. Core Development is all concerned with design and development of the web and software product based on the overall plans and basic project elements (inferred, referred, derived or built). In this phase we bring the latest technical and conceptual constituents together to help us define and devise a robust and refined application.

5. Testing
Software development is incomplete without being assured for quality! Though our testing panel is all active throughout the project development but it's the time when they dedicatedly work towards bringing a flawless and value-driven product in place. Using the latest technology and tools, our adept quality professionals focus on controlling, monitoring, maintaining and enhancing the quality of every development taking place, every technology processed and each product delivered.

6. Trial Implementation
Trial Implementation is a very integral part of software development these days. It notably refers to most advanced practices to ensure a well-behaved system at your work setting, before it is finally deployed. This is profoundly held to make sure that the software or application developed fits well in your work environment and performs just as it was expected to. If any irregularities and unnecessary constraints are found, it is again sent to testing labs, developed and treated and presented with the apt functional details that conform to the destination work milieu.

7. UAT Support
To bring you a full-fledged system of work, utility and benefits, we follow transition practices. We perform an extensive User Acceptance Testing program for the product to get validated and qualified at your end. We present our UAT support in this phase that involves modular approach of acceptance testing. All the approaches and activities involved in this phase of transition are insightfully framed to fit in comprehensively with your needs, besides making you understand the idea well, on the go!

8. Deployment and Release
The acceptance calls for Delivery of the projects. We follow a full-fledged release management system while delivering the solution to you. The delivery is sometimes accompanied by live demo and user training, depending on the nature of the solution. All the deliverables are verified and are signed-off by both the parties at the time of final delivery.

9. Support and Maintenance
The closure documents are provided to the client on the completion of the project with support agreement. Depending on the project's size, complexity and vulnerability we provide support and maintenance facility (based on the terms of contract). Our support and maintenance services are all equipped with latest enablement, advanced tools and flawless communication practices to help you get quality support throughout.

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