Data maintenance services are designed to improve the quality of existing sales and marketing database and reinforce
the reach-out campaigns with accurate prospect information. Although most of the companies don’t
take data maintenance services seriously, if done regularly can streamline the internal processes,
data collection, content syndication, content marketing, sales, marketing and other activities.

More information from your own systems

Inaccurate sales and marketing database is just an irrelevant and useless entry in your records. KTS data maintenance services helps you remove the garbage, collect more data from your own business systems and improve the value of your database and keep your data updated and accurate. Our tried and tested processes insure increase in the accuracy of your database to more than 98%.

Enhanced customer, acquisition, productivity and efficiency

Data being at the core of business operations accurate data increases precise target reach out, ensures completeness of the information in the CRM and ultimately the customer acquisition. Data decays at a rate of 5% per month and data maintenance services help you streamline critical data related processes, save hours of time of the resources resulting into improved productivity and efficiency.

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