Account Based Marketing (ABM) is the strategic B2B marketing approach designed to
target the best suited companies and their decision makers as one instead of conventional
strategy of targeting individual decision makers. ABM is aimed to target accounts which
have the highest potential and relevance to your offerings and hence highest possibility
of conversions reflecting to your bottom line. ABM is the classic example of alignment
of all sales and marketing activities on targeted accounts in the defined market instead of
broad reaching untargeted sales and marketing campaigns executed with an objective
of reaching out to maximum number of prospects.

Focus on Best Suited and High Potential Accounts

Define the attributes of ideal accounts and Identify target companies that promise the maximum potential of business association and most likely to generate revenue or achieve other organizational strategic goals. Identifying the correct target accounts is the first and most important phase in successful implementation of ABM and this is where we put most of our efforts.

Align Sales and Marketing Activities for Best Returns on Investments

Aligned sales and marketing activities in ABM maximises the engagement potential with your target accounts and bridges the gaps between the revenue teams; resulting into more efficiency of your B2B resources. Cohesive and structured efforts of sales and marketing teams optimizes the valuable resources and increases conversion rates providing highest value for your efforts and investment.

Engage the right people with Personalized Content

Select the key individuals based on their Decision Making Status, Company Size, Revenue, and Relevance of the function to your offerings along with other verified insights of prospects for precise execution. Reach out to prospects with compelling personalized content infused with prospect’s persona influenced keywords, ensuring that right people receiving right message with comprehensive understanding of the value propositions of your solutions.

High Value Opportunities

ABM is an integrated and concentrated strategy of all your revenue teams and hence provides the best possible opportunities you ever received. ABM provides qualified opportunities instead of unproductive sales leads and help you grow your business more systematically. KTS’s ABM strategy not only helps you get high quality leads but also the accounts which turn out to be the high value customers for your organization.


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