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4 Factors That Determine If Your SEO Is Actually Working

During our interactions with the prospects and marketers, we hear over and over about the parameters of measuring the success of the SEO and its ROI.  As it takes months to reflect the SEO changes and sometimes clients become impatient as they don’t see the prompt results as they see with other marketing strategies. One can consider following factors that provided insights into if SEO efforts are paying off.

These factors can be considered as the indicators of the overall advance of the SEO campaigns.

Website Traffic

Website traffic is the first and foremost factor that determines the effectiveness of the SEO activities. SEO ranks the website in higher position in the search engines, which directly helps you get more traffic. So when web traffic increases you can consider that your efforts are in right direction from SEO standpoint.

Website traffic and search results are directly proportional. Web traffic helps you get click through rate which ultimately helps you get top position and once you are in top position, your top ranking does the rest and gets you more traffic.

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Bounce Rate

Bounce rate refers to the percentage of the visitors that exit your site after viewing just one page. This simply means that user did not find the relevant content on the website and is going back to search engine to find other results. Decreasing bounce rate percentage shows that SEO is working fine for your site.

Time on Page

Time spent on the website by an average user gives sense if SEO efforts are working. Before beginning SEO your website may have low time on page which might be due to the poorly written, uninteresting or irrelevant content. Post SEO activities you will see the increase in the time on page as a result of new research based content creation as well as use of tags and keywords for specific content pieces facilitating search engine results.

Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is the potentially the most important factor which will increase, given the precise execution of SEO strategies. Increasing the sales is the ultimate objective SEO and with increase in enquiries and conversions, you can be sure that it’s working!

Web enquiries and increased conversion rates can be considered as the outcome of the many SEO strategies working together. It means that you are getting relevant traffic and your target audience will ultimately end up making purchase of your products or services.


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